Donation Drive for Ukraine

Former CREECA PA Emily Gams (former Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine) is organizing a donation drive to support people in Ukraine. The CREECA office will serve as one of several donation drop-off locations. Please read Emily’s message below:

As the estimates of refugees and displaced persons in Ukraine continue to grow with each day, more and more supplies are needed by humanitarian organizations responding to the crisis. At present, across Western Ukraine schools have turned into refugee centers and strangers welcome those who are fleeing violence into their homes. Where children once played and learned, their teachers and other volunteers prepare care packages for soldiers and refugees.

As some of you may know, I lived and worked in Ukraine for nearly three years as a Peace Corps Volunteer. A group of my classmates and I will be collecting supplies to donate to Meest America’s humanitarian packages operation. We need your help. Below, and in this document, you will find a list of required supplies which Meest is accepting. In that document you will also find the location of offices on campus which have graciously lent us space to use as drop off points for supplies from March 7-11. During this week, you can drop off any of the listed supplies in any of the locations. Over spring break, we will package the supplies and ship them to Meest. Supplies which are needed include: first aid supplies, non-perishable food, thermal underwear, hygiene products, blankets, bedding, tableware (disposable), sleeping bags, candles, mats for sleeping (such as yoga mats or camping mats). A more extensive list, including a list of items which cannot be shipped, is included in the document linked above.

Thank you for your support,

Emily Gams

With help from Hana Livingston, Kelsey Gordon & Indu Kilaru