Registration for World Cinema Day 2022

Announcement for Middle and High School Educators:

Registration for World Cinema Day 2022 is now open!

World Cinema Day brings middle and high school students and teachers to Madison for a special free screening of a high-quality, international film with an introduction before the film and a brief Q&A/discussion after the film led by a regional expert from UW-Madison. This is an annual event held in conjunction with the Wisconsin Film Festival. Register below! Deadline to register is Monday, April 04.

Mission Ulja Funk (Germany, 2021, 1h 32m)
with introduction and discussion led by Matthew Greene
10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Friday, April 08, 2022*
Shannon Hall, 800 Langdon St, Madison, WI 53706

*Film screening starts at 11, but school groups are encouraged to arrive by 10:30. Please note that a mask mandate is still in place for minors and staff working with minors while on the UW-Madison campus.

Description: Twelve-year old aspiring astronomer Ulja has made an important discovery: an asteroid is going to hit the earth in Belarus. The adults around her just aren’t interested, or don’t believe her, and her grandmother tries to banish all science from Ulja’s life. But she is in communication with a scientist who takes her seriously and will be at the impact site. Ulja commandeers a hearse, persuades classmate Henk to drive, and takes off on a wild and delightful road romp through Germany, Poland, and Belarus. Pursued by concerned family and by a local pastor (whose motivations may not be selfless), Ulja and Henk race the clock in a desperate bid to avert disaster. Eclectic characters and improbable adventures will challenge preconceptions about family, friendship, and the pursuit of knowledge. PG-13: Contains occasional foul words and gestures, jokes about religion.

For others interested in viewing this film, you can watch it during the Wisconsin Film Festival. See here for details.

Please contact with questions about World Cinema Day.

Registration for World Cinema Day 2022

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