CREECA associates at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are:

  • Faculty members whose scholarly interests and activities intersect with those of CREECA, but who do not have a primary research and/or teaching interest in the region.
  • Academic and University staff members whose interests and activities intersect with those of CREECA, including:
    • Non-instructional academic staff with an interest in the region;
    • University staff with an interest in the region;
    • Emeritus professors with an interest in the region;
    • Honorary fellows who are granted renewable zero-dollar appointments in CREECA;
    • Honorary fellows with an interest in the region who are granted zero-dollar appointments in other departments.

CREECA associates are invited to take part in the life of the center, but generally have less regular participation in CREECA’s mission of teaching, research, and outreach on the region.

CREECA Associates

Elise Ahn

Project Manager for the UW-Madison Partnership with Nazarbayev University

A. Deniz Balgamis

Associate Director of the Center for Turkish Studies

Bradford Barham

Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics

Amos Bitzan

Assistant Professor of History

Jacee Cho

Assistant Professor, English Language and Linguistics

Teryl Dobbs

Associate Professor of Music Education

Anna Gade

Professor at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Milan Hauner

Honorary Fellow in Department of History

Nancy Heingartner

Assistant Director for Outreach for IRIS

Wendy Johnson

Assistant Director, Mead Witter School of Music

Felecia Lucht

Director of the WI Intensive Summer Language Institutes (WISLI)

Laura Marshall

Coordinator, Russian Flagship Program

Virginia Martin

Project Coordinator, UW-Madison Partnership with Nazarbayev University

Dianna Murphy

Director, Language Institute; Associate Director, Russian Flagship Program

Mutlu Özdoğan

Associate Professor of Forest & Wildlife Ecology

Thomas Popkewitz

Professor at School of Education Curriculum and Instruction

Karen Rosneck

Library Services Assistant at Memorial Library

Donald Schramm

Faculty Associate in Engineering Professional Development

Nadav Shelef

Associate Professor of Political Science

Heather Sonntag

Honorary Fellow of CREECA

Daniel Stolz

Assistant Professors of History


Olga Trubetskoy

Professor Consulate, UW Pharmacy School

Kate Vieira

Associate Professor, Program in Composition and Rhetoric

Gwen Walker

Associate Director, Center for Jewish Studies

Lisa Woodson

Honorary Fellow of CREECA

All CREECA faculty and academic staff and CREECA associates are eligible to apply for CREECA conference travel awards.

A UW-Madison faculty or staff member who wishes to join the center as a CREECA faculty and academic staff member or CREECA associate should submit a letter stating the nature of her/his interest and a current curriculum vitae to the CREECA associate director, Jennifer Tishler. Requests will be considered by the CREECA Administrative Council.