Trap Door Theatre Chicago Presents “Bowie in Warsaw”

This performance is not sponsored by CREECA. For more information, visit Trap Door Theatre’s website.

The women of Warsaw tremble with the rumor of a strangler on the prowl… Set in the landscape of a true crime story from 1970s Poland, Bowie In Warsaw is an absurd comedy about the repression of self expression and love in a Soviet era Poland. Playwright Dorota Masłowska creates an atomic-era Polish landscape, which might even inspire a visit from David Bowie himself.

Trap Door is honored to invite Polish director Paweł Świątek to direct their third Dorota Masłowska play after successful productions of A Couple of Poor Polish Speaking Romanians and No Matter How Hard We Try. Dorota Masłowska is one of Poland’s most exciting and influential young novelists and playwrights. Play runs May 18 to July 1.

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