American Players Theatre Presents “Anton’s Shorts,” Five Short Chekhov Stories

Anton's Shorts


Once upon a time, there was a young Russian playwright who wanted to make his audience laugh. Of course, in true Chekhovian fashion, all five of the stories in this collection harbor the full spectrum of human emotions and foibles – life and legacy; marriage and moving on. Each with its own unique rating on the comedic Richter scale, from thoughtful to gleeful to full-on funny. Each with an eye for the bright pieces of humanity that live within us all. Five exquisite stories tied together by Anton Chekhov himself (a character created by the inimitable Aaron Posner), and featuring a full cast of Core Company actors. There are just north of a dozen opportunities to see this captivating collection of tales, and we expect the demand to be high. Plan ahead, and don’t delay. Runs August 4 – October 6.

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