Symposium Honors Bethea and Dolinin

Symposium attendees clapping
Alumni, faculty, and current graduate students gathered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on October 13-14 for a symposium honoring two recently retired professors and internationally renowned scholars: David Bethea and Alexander Dolinin. The Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic organized the symposium, titled “Two Centuries of Modern Russian Culture: From the Golden Age to Post-Soviet Space.” The presenters were Slavic PhD alumni from the 1990s through the 2010s who had worked with Professors Bethea and Dolinin. Financial support for the symposium was provided by CREECA, through the National Resource Center program of the U.S. Department of Education. (Photo by: Elena Shirikova)

David Bethea speaking with hands together
David Bethea, professor emeritus of Slavic languages and literature, addresses the audience. (Photo by: Elena Shirikova)

Conference presenters sitting at a table with laptops and notebooks
From left, Molly Peeney, lecturer of foreign languages at the University of Pennsylvania, and Leonid Livak, professor of Russian literature at the University of Toronto. Peeney and Livak completed the UW-Madison Slavic Department PhD program in 2010 and 1999, respectively. The symposium celebrated the outstanding contributions to scholarship by Professors Dolinin and Bethea and to their training and mentoring of new generations of scholars. (Photo by: Elena Shirikova)

Presenters sitting at table listening to a question from the audience
Brian Johnson (left), visiting assistant professor of Russian studies at Macalester College, and Melissa Miller (center), assistant teaching professor at the University of Notre Dame, listen to questions at a panel titled “Illness and Narrative.” Andrew Reynolds (right), associate professor of Slavic at UW-Madison, moderated the discussion. (Photo by: Elena Shirikova)

Dolinin and Lapina at desk commenting on presentation
Alexander Dolinin (left), professor emeritus of Slavic languages and literature, comments on a presentation. Seated next to him is Galina Lapina, who retired from her position as Senior Lecturer in Slavic in 2017. (Photo by: Elena Shirikova)

Conference presenters discussing a topic
Sergey Karpukhin (left), lecturer of Slavic at UW-Madison, and Jenifer Presto, associate professor of comparative literature and Russian at the University of Oregon, participate in the “Nabokov: Art and Politics” panel. (Photo by: Elena Shirikova)

Presenter backlit by the sunlight talking
Clint Walker, associate professor of Russian at the University of Montana, speaks about the works of Vladimir Nabokov. (Photo by: Elena Shirikova)