Harvard-based Russia Project Offering Teaching and Research Tools

Russia Matters is a new Harvard-based project made possible by the Carnegie Corporation. Their website, dedicated to U.S. policy toward Russia, U.S.-Russian relations, and Russian policies that impact vital U.S. national interests, is a go-to resource for academics, journalists, and government officials from around the world. Interested parties can subscribe to their digests and media advisories

Among their analysisrepositories of comparative data and curated news digests, faculty and students will find a plethora of useful resources, including:

  • Detailed timelines of major events in the U.S.-Russian relationship from 1983 to 2020 and bilateral nuclear security cooperation;
  • A wide array of interactive factual data on Russia’s economy, demographics and more;
  • Fact-checks on a variety of contestable claims made in recent years, along with a debate feature to take on the thornier issues;
  • Explainers on topics ranging from Russia’s defense spending to a “cheat sheet” of the major U.S. and EU sanctions on Russia;
  • Insights and recommendations about Russia from eminent thinkers, as well as reviews of recent and noteworthy Russia-related books in field;
  • Weekly updates on latest Russia-related news and analyses organized under individual rubrics (e.g., non-proliferation, energy exports, election interference);
  • blog featuring short takes on the latest developments;
  • An events section featuring upcoming webinars;
  • And a resources section with listings of research, job and educational opportunities, as well as a list of Russia experts available to the public.

Recent contributors include: Naval War College’s Nikolas Gvosdev; Yale University’s Thomas Graham; the George Washington University’s Marlene Laruelle; Brandeis University’s Gary Samore; International Crisis Group’s Olga Oliker; Center for the National Interest’s Paul Saunders; Kings College London’s Domitilla Sagramoso; Brookings’ Steven Pifer; CNA’s Michael Kofman; and RUSI’s Emily Ferris.