The Badger Herald Covers a Year of Russia’s War against Ukraine: “A year of courage: Local, global allies continue support for Ukraine”

This is an excerpt from the Badger Herald article by Allie Serterides and Audrey Thibert.

Image by Audrey Thibert

Feb. 24, 2023, marked one year since Russia waged a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, causing millions to flee, killing thousands and destroying cities, according to AP News.

What Russian leader Vladimir Putin assumed would be a straightforward military victory for his country has not developed as such, according to University of Wisconsin professor of sociology Ted Gerber. Instead, Ukrainians have proven to be fearsome fighters and great tacticians.

But while Ukraine forces have been successful in counteroffensives and in gaining territory back from Russia, many civilians have been caught in the crossfire, according to NPR. Approximately 13,300 have been injured since the invasion, though this is likely an underestimate, according to the United Nations.

To commemorate a year of resilience of the Ukrainian people, over 120 people gathered at the Wisconsin State Capitol Feb. 25 for an event organized by Ukrainian-born activist Ruslana Westerlund and her colleagues. The event featured several speeches from the Ukrainian community including refugees, UW professors and spiritual leaders.

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