UW faculty offer expertise on Putin’s war on Ukraine in media and outreach

Leading up to and amid Putin’s war on Ukraine, UW faculty members have been lending their expertise on Russia, Ukraine, and other post-Soviet states to various news outlets, including Paul Castañeda Dower (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Ted Gerber (Sociology), Yoshiko M. Herrera (Political Science), Francine Hirsch (History), Andrey Ivanov (History, UW-Platteville), and Andrew Kydd (Political Science). Hear them weigh in on the Russian invasion of Ukraine in more than 100 media interviews and authored pieces below.

UPDATED: 2/6/24

February 6

“‘There’s just no other option’: Madison Ukrainians lead support as third year of war encroaches”: The Badger Herald (Herrera & Troitskiy)

May 16

“War Crimes and the Russian War on Ukraine with Dr. Francine Hirsch”: Badger Talks podcast interview

April 13

WPR “FBI arrests suspect in Pentagon document leak” and what it means for Russia’s War against Ukraine: Radio interview with Ted Gerber

February 28

Ukraine: One Year Later livestream with the Wisconsin Alumni Association, featuring Jim Gingras, Yoshiko Herrera, and Andrew Kydd

February 24

Gamesmanship and Brinksmanship: Interview with Andrew Kydd

Reliance on Alliance: NATO and the War in Ukraine: Interview with Jim Gingras

A Year of War in Ukraine: Interview with Yoshiko Herrera

December 14

“War Crimes: What are they? How can they be prosecuted?” by Francine Hirsch in Foreign Policy Association’s “Great Decisions 2023”

October 19

“The Russian Ukraine War” podcast interview with Yoshiko Herrera

August 2

“An Update on Ukraine” with Yoshiko Herrera, Andrew Kydd, and Mark Copelovitch for Wisconsin Alumni Association

“Nuremberg and Russia’s War Against Ukraine” (New Introduction) by Francine Hirsch for ASEEES NewsNet

June 28

“Russia is counting on the media to spread propaganda about show trials” by Francine Hirsch for The Washington Post

May 26

“Ukraine and Russia Are Both Looking to the Nuremberg Trials—But Finding Different Lessons in the History” by Francine Hirsch for TIME

May 19

“Putin Plays Politics Too”The Gist podcast (Herrera)

May 12

“IRIS Centers host ‘Teaching About Ukraine’ Webinar” – UW-Madison International Division (Herrera; Nils Ringe, Professor of Political Science; Katherine Jensen, Assistant Professor of Sociology and International Studies; and Jeremy Stoddard, Professor and Faculty Chair of the Secondary Education Program).

May 5

“Breaking down Russia’s latest offensive in Ukraine” – News 3 Now / Channel 3000 (Herrera)

May 1

“Was Russia’s decision to cut off natural gas exports a mistake? Despite Western sanctions, the country still maintains powerful friends — for now”VOX (Herrera)

April 30

“The Two Types of Patriotism: Understanding natural loyalty and manipulation”Psychology Today (Hirsch)

April 28

“Historian says history is repeating itself, observing Ukraine” The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle (Hirsch)

“Putin’s Russia has crossed a threshold: It now looks like 1933 Germany: I don’t use ‘totalitarianism’ lightly. But that’s what we’re witnessing” by Francine Hirsch for the Boston Globe

April 26

“WATCH: UW professor on nuclear threats in Ukraine, possibility of war crime charges” – News 3 Now / Channel 3000 (Kydd)

April 25

“Similarities Stain the Kremlin’s Warfare on Chechens and Ukrainians”PONARS Eurasia (Wisconsin Russia Project postdoctoral scholar Marat Ilyasov and Yoshiko Herrera)

“The Russian Invasion of Ukraine” podcast interview with Yoshiko Herrera

April 22

“Peace talks unlikely in near future for Russia, Ukraine, UW expert says: Western nations must help stop this genocide, says UW expert Francine Hirsch”The Badger Herald (Hirsch)

April 15

“What 7th graders want to know about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”Wisconsin Public Radio (Herrera)

April 14

“‘De-Ukrainization’ is genocide — Biden was right to sound the alarm” by Francine Hirsch for The Hill

April 13

Op-Ed: Lessons from the Soviets on how to hold Russia accountable for war crimes” by Francine Hirsch with UW alum Eugene Finkel for the Los Angeles Times

April 1

“No, Putin is not actually achieving his goals in Ukraine”VOX (Herrera)

March 31

“Over a River Strangely Rosy: Reading Poetry in Wartime”Los Angeles Review of Books (Hirsch)

March 30

“9 big questions about Russia’s war in Ukraine, answered” – VOX (Herrera)

March 29

“The People Speak: What a YouTube Comment Feed Might Tell Us About Dissent in Putin’s Russia” by Francine Hirsch for The New Republic 

March 22

“Why Americans have heightened interest in the war in Ukraine”WKOW 27 News (Herrera)

March 20

“The Week That Was: All of Lawfare in One Post”Lawfare (Hirsch)

March 18

“Reading Russian Media Between the Lines: On Kommersant’s ‘Nuremberg’ Photo” – NYU Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia (Hirsch)

March 17

“‘We could be looking at a phase in the war where a lot more people are being killed’: Ripon College webinars examine Ukraine conflict & its impact on commodity prices”Commonwealth Ripon Press (Kydd)

“Inside Russia’s propaganda bubble: Where a war isn’t a war”The Washington Post (UW-Madison graduate student Anton Shirikov)

“Banning all things Russian can be ‘counterproductive’, expert says”Yahoo! News via KTVU (Herrera)

March 15

“From Sturgeon Bay to sanctioned: The shipbuilding story of the ‘Lady M’ superyacht”PBS Madison (Kydd)

“The Memo: Zelensky virtual address raises pressure on Biden”The Hill (Herrera)

“Strategies for Teaching About Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine” – American Political Science Foundation (Herrera)

March 14

“Putin’s Revised Foreign Agent Law Could Enable Mass Repression” by Francine Hirsch for the Lawfare blog

“Model Indictment for Crime of Aggression Against Ukraine: Prosecutor v. President Vladimir Putin”Just Security (Hirsch)

March 13

“Sen. Ron Johnson’s tangled relationship with Ukraine and Russia”The Chippewa Herald (Kydd)

March 10

“How Russia is spreading false narratives about the war”PBS Newshour (UW PhD candidate Anton Shirikov)

“Understanding Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine with Dr. Yoshiko M. Herrera” – River Falls Public Library

March 9

“How the Soviet Union Helped Establish the Crime of Aggressive War” by Francine Hirsch for Just Security

March 7

Latest developments in Russia’s war in Ukraine” Wisconsin Public Radio’s Central Time (Kydd)

March 4

“Talking Trade with Paul Castaneda Dower, assistant professor of agricultural and applied economics at UW-Madison”WISBUSINESS (Castañeda Dower)

March 3

“War in Ukraine: The human costs of power politics”The Daily Cardinal (Herrera)

“How the US and its allies can help Ukraine without starting World War III”VOX (Herrera)

“Cost of Putin’s war in Ukraine is ‘very hard to hide’ in Russia: Expert”Yahoo! News (Herrera)

March 2

“UW-Madison panel confronts the challenges of Ukraine-Russia Conflict” – News 3 Now / Channel 3000 (Gerber, Herrera)

“UW experts weigh in on Ukraine situation, say US will not go to war”The Badger Herald (Geber, Herrera)

“UW-Madison panel confronts the challenges of Ukraine-Russia Conflict” – FOX 47 (Herrera)

“UW-Madison panel to confront challenges of Ukraine-Russia Conflict” – News 3 Now / Channel 3000 (Herrera)

“‘Slava Ukraini!’ Ukrainians in Madison watch and worry as Russia invades homeland”The Cap Times (Herrera)

“The Invasion of Ukraine”The UW Now: The Invasion of Ukraine (Herrera, Kydd)

“Ukraine and Russia: Fighting for the Border”Exponent (Ivanov)

“Russia Invades Ukraine: A Public Forum”

Why did Russia invade Ukraine? What is the historical relationship between the two countries? How are people reacting in Russia? What are the implications for the U.S., NATO, and international security? What will be the impact of sanctions imposed on Russia? On March 2, 2022, a panel of UW experts addressed these questions: Mark Copelovitch, Yoshiko Herrera, and Jessica Weeks (Political Science); Andrey Ivanov (History, UW-Platteville); Kirill Ospovat (GNS+). Stream the panel presentations below.

March 1

“In State of the Union, Biden will look to rally U.S., world against Russian invasion of Ukraine” The Globe and Mail (Herrera)

“Sanctioning Putin over Ukraine crucial to protecting democracy worldwide, Biden says in State of the Union address”The Globe and Mail (Herrera)

“Biden’s State of the Union Address: Speech to deal with Russian invasion and U.S. support for Ukraine”CTV News Canada (Herrera)

“Without word from federal government, Wisconsin resettlement of Ukraine refugees faces uncertain future”Green Bay Press Gazette (Ivanov)

February 28

“Putin’s Memory Laws Set the Stage For His War in Ukraine” by Francine Hirsch for the Lawfare blog

“UW-Madison professor breaks down latest developments in Russian invasion of Ukraine” – News 3 Now / Channel 3000 (Kydd)

Putin’s use of military force is a crime of aggressionFinancial Times (Hirsch)

“Statement on Ukraine by scholars of genocide, Nazism and WWII”Jewish News Syndicate (Hirsch)

“WATCH: Breaking down the Russian invasion of Ukraine and what comes next” – News 3 Now / Channel 3000 (Herrera)

“Capital City Sunday: Evers won’t take a stance on bail reform”WKOW 27 News (Gerber)

“New Updates from the Crisis in Russia and Ukraine”Beeocracy! (Gerber)

“How nationalism influences Russia-Ukrainian conflict”Wisconsin Public Radio (Herrera)

“A Cold War Revival in Ukraine? Political scientist Yoshiko Herrera explains what Russian aggression means for Ukrainians and the West.” – Wisconsin Alumni Association (Herrera)

“Russian Media, Propaganda, and Ukraine” podcast interview with Anton Shirikov

February 26

“Deleted Tweets Reveal a Progressive Group’s Ukraine Meltdown”The Daily Beast (Herrera)

February 25

“Unpacking the Crisis in Ukraine” – WORT Eighty Nine.Nine FM, Madison, WI (Kydd)

“The Memo: Biden locks into battle with enigmatic Putin”The Hill (Herrera)

“Russian invasion of Ukraine affecting families across borders” – News 3 Now / Channel 3000 (Gerber)

“Experts warn of possible cyber attacks”WAOW 9 News – Wasau, Wisconsin (Herrera)

“Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine”Wisconsin Public Radio (Gerber)

February 24

“A new Cold War, or the start of World War III? How historians see the invasion of Ukraine”– USA Today (Herrera)

“Why attack now? Expert says Putin’s possibly ‘lost his mind'” – Spectrum 1 News (Gerber)

“‘Will never give up’: Ukrainians in Wisconsin express shock, resolve at Russian invasion”Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Herrera)

“‘Hope is finished, we’re dying out’—what people in Ukraine said about Russian conflict” by Brienna Perelli Harris, Theodore Gerber, and Yuliya Hilevych for The Print

“Russia-Ukraine conflict history; professors provide details” – FOX 6 Milwaukee News  (Herrera)

“Experts weigh in on Russian invasion leading to possible world war”WAOW 9 News – Wasau, Wisconsin (Herrera)

“Russia Invades Ukraine: An Explainer” – WORT Eighty Nine.Nine FM, Madison, WI (Herrera)

“Putin may have overplayed his hand by invading Ukraine, experts say: ‘Massive miscalculation'” – FOX News (Herrera)

February 23

“‘Very likely we’ll see $4.00 at the pump as early as this spring,’ says expert” – Newsradio 620 WTMJ, Wisconsin (Herrera)

“‘The hope is finished’: life in the Ukrainian separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk” by Brienna Perelli Harris, Theodore Gerber, and Yuliya Hilevych for The Conversation

February 22

“Breaking down the latest Russia-Ukraine news with Yoshiko Herrera” – News 3 Now / Channel 3000

“Vladimir Putin’s Empire of Delusions”The New Republic (Hirsch)

February 21

“Mounting tensions in Ukraine might be intensified as President Biden and President Putin plan to meet”KCBS Radio – San Francisco, California (Herrera)

“Yoshiko Herrera on the Ukraine Conflict”Live, Local, and Progressive on Chicago’s WCPT 820

“Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said, ‘Russia has never attacked anyone throughout its history.’ We say: ‘Pants on Fire. Take a tour with us through 450 years of world history.’” – Politifact (Herrera)

February 19

“Russia-Ukraine Tensions” – BBC World News (Herrera)

“Sen. Johnson: ‘There will be severe sanctions’ if Russia invades” – News 3 Now / Channel 3000 (Herrera)

February 16

Yoshiko M. Herrera, UW-Madison professor of political science and expert on politics in Russia and post-Soviet states, comparative politics, and international relations, gives comments on the Channel 3000 news segment, “Breaking down the Russia-Ukraine standoff.”

February 15

“How Russia-Ukraine Conflict Impacts Wisconsin” – WKOW 27 News – Madison, Wisconsin (Gerber)

“Why Russia-Ukraine conflict could mean higher consumer prices at home” – WKOW 27 News – Madison, Wisconsin (Gerber)

February 14

“What to know about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine” – WMTV 15 News – Madison, Wisconsin (Herrera)

 “Impact at home: Russian threats to attack Ukraine” –  WAOW 9 News – Wasau, Wisconsin (Gerber)

Ted Gerber, CREECA director, UW-Madison professor of sociology, and expert on Russia, Ukraine, and other former Soviet countries, gives an interview for the WAOW 9 news segment, “Impact at home: Russian threats to attack Ukraine.”

February 9

“Kayleigh McEnany spins comparison of Trump, Biden on Russian gas pipeline” – Politifact (Herrera)

January 25

“Will Russia invade Ukraine?” – Wisconsin Public Radio’s The Morning Show (Gerber)

January 20

“PODCAST: ‘The stakes are very high’ in Russia” – Newsradio 620 WTMJ, Wisconsin (Herrera)

December 7, 2021

“U.S.-Russia relations amid Ukraine tension” – Wisconsin Public Radio’s Central Time (Herrera)

By Ryan Goble | Communications Project Assistant | CREECA