University of Wisconsin–Madison

PhD Minor and Graduate Certificate

PhD Minor

Graduate minor requirements in specific fields can also be fulfilled under the REECAS program. The requirements for a PhD minor under Option A (external minor) may be satisfied by completing 9 credits of graduate courses in REECAS. These credits must be distributed over at least two departments outside the student’s major department.

Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in REECAS provides students in graduate and professional schools with area knoledge of the societies and cultures of the people of Eastern and Central Europe and Eurasia, drawing on the disciplines of communication arts, folklore, geography, history, journalism, literature, law, political science, and sociology.


  • 12 credits of REECAS courses, distributed over at least three departments. Language courses may not be used to fulfill this requirement; however, courses taught in a REECAS language would count towards the 12 credit requirement.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of one Slavic, or Central Eurasian language; this can be fulfilled with a minimum of two years of language study, or one year of Russian in combination with another language of the region.
  • Complete one seminar with a research paper approved by the major advisor utilizing original source material.
  • Fulfill the requirements for a master’s or doctoral degree.
  • Complete an application form and submit it, with a copy of the UW-Madison grade report, to the REECAS graduate advisor.

Contact the graduate advisor:

Jennifer Tishler