July 16 CESSI Lecture: Alumni Research Panel with Nick Seay and Laura Tourtellotte

CESSI Alumni Research Panel with Nick Seay and Laura Tourtellotte

The July 16 CESSI lecture is now available to stream here.

“Reaping the Benefits of the Harvest: Towards an Applied Approach of your Central Asian Language Skills” 

Speaker: Nick Seay

Nick Seay shares some of his research experiences, specifically as they relate to working with the Tajik language. He then shifts the conversation to talk more concretely about ways in which language learners can target the study and use of Central Asian languages towards research and/or professional goals. Part of this talk includes Nick’s reflections after talking with several leading scholars in the field of Central Asian studies.

“Deserving Daughters, Martyred Mothers: The Role of Reproductive Politics and ‘Good Women’ within Gendered Social Programs in Kazakhstan”

Speaker: Laura Tourtellotte

Laura Tourtellotte presents some results from her dissertation fieldwork and explores how these findings relate to the necessity of equity and context-informed interventions in social service provisioning within the contemporary reality of a global pandemic.