(Re)Imagining Empire Workshop

Empire Workshop Poster

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Opening Remarks (8:50-9:00am)

Florence Hsia, History, Associate Vice Chancellor for Arts and Humanities, UW-Madison

Panel 1 (9:00-10:15am)

So Yeon Bae, History: “Whom Shall We See from Rome?”

Luke Urbain, Spanish and Portuguese: “Earthquake Aesthetics and Incommensurate Necrologies in and around José Martí’s “Terremoto en Charleston””

Respondent: Michelle Schwarze, Political Science

Panel 2 (10:30-11:45am)

Ximing Lu, CANES: “The Romans’ German and the German’s Mongolians: Influences of Ancient Greek and Roman Literature on Gerder’s Description of China”

Lin Li, History: “Imagining Empire: Colonial Feminism within the Japanese Empire (1895-1945)”

Respondent: Kristina Huang, English

Lunch Break (11:45am-1:30pm; a limited number of lunches will be provided)

Panel 3 (1:30-2:45pm)

Jason Yackee, Law: “Empire as Farce: The Curious Case of Bokassa the First”

Sarah Clayton, Anthropology: “Imperial Aims and Local Realities: The Political Landscape and Legacy of Teotihuacan”

Respondent: Nandini Pandey, CANES

Afternoon Coffee and Refreshments Break (2:45-3:45pm)

Keynote Speaker (4:00-5:30pm)

Jane Burbank, Collegiate Professor of History and Russian and Slavic Studies, New York University: “Empire Now: Re-Imagining Russia”

This program is a part of the Borghesi Mellon Interdisciplinary Workshops in the Humanities, sponsored by the Center for the Humanities at UW-Madison, with support from Nancy and David Borghesi and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The “(Re)Imagining Empire” Workshop series is sponsored by the African Cultural Studies, American Democracy Forum, Art History, Center for Early Modern Studies, CANES, Center for European Studies, Center for the Study of Liberal Democracy, English, History, History and Politics Workshop, Institute for Research in the Humanities, Integrated Liberal Studies, Philosophy, and Political Science.