Wisconsin International Law Journal Annual Symposium

“Lawyers and Lawyering in China and Russia: Common Challenges”

This Symposium will explore the role of lawyers under authoritarianism. The symposium will bring together leading scholars of the legal professions in Russia and China who share a common empirical approach to their research. Among the questions to be examined are the formal and informal norms that tend to constrain the ability of criminal defense lawyers to represent their clients zealously and, more generally, the limits on the independence of lawyers working in
authoritarian regimes. The symposium will also analyze the extent to which the career preferences of young lawyers are changing as democracy wanes. The gathered scholars will also reflect on their ability to carry out research as the political regimes in China and Russia increase their control over
society, and will discuss new sources of data. Scholars who will be presenting on Russia include Ekaterina Moiseeva,  Ekaterina Khodzhaeva, Olga Semukhina, and Kathryn Hendley.

Follow this link for a complete schedule of the day’s events: WI International Law Journal Annual Symposium 2019

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