Ukraine Correspondent, The New York Times

The New York Times is looking for a versatile and experienced journalist to cover Ukraine, a country that has been dramatically reshaped since Russia’s invasion.

This is a chance to join a committed team of reporters and editors who have a history of award-winning work, an eagerness to experiment with new and developing story forms, and a passion for bringing Times journalism to a global audience across digital, print and other media.

We are looking for a strong, skilled writer with the ability to juggle breaking news, live coverage, smart analysis and ambitious enterprise. They should bring energy and keen analytical skills to the coverage, including an interest in working with data, as they think about both regional and topical storylines.

We also want a self-starter who will show readers the myriad ways in which Ukraine and the surrounding region is changing – politically, economically and culturally. While the war and geopolitical implications remain core to the coverage, we also want to tell the broader story of Ukraine and its people at this critical moment in its history.

Collaboration is key. The journalist will work closely with fellow correspondents from the Kyiv bureau as well as our Russia and D.C. teams, and provide guidance and mentorship to stringers, translators, researchers and news assistants.

The role is based primarily in Kyiv.

Main responsibilities:

  • Follow events and trends closely to determine, in conjunction with your editor, themes worthy of coverage as breaking news, day news or as enterprise.
  • Provide rich and original reports, news and features, with occasional coverage of the broader topics and regions.
  • Cover news accurately, timely and efficiently; maintaining and cultivating news sources and contacts; obtaining information through interviews, observations and research.
  • Present facts and analysis in clear written form and in conformity with style, length and other requirements, and develop high-impact stories from the broader themes that underpin incremental news developments.
  • Work with editors and colleagues to identify high-value reporting targets for investigative and enterprise pieces, as well as human stories that present the opportunity for strong narrative storytelling.
  • Contribute to and sometimes be the lead correspondent on live briefings for the region and for other global events.
  • Build a network of sources in and around the region that will inform rich and original reports, news and features about regional affairs
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other desk staff, photo, multimedia, audio, design and graphics staff to bring to life in a variety of formats across all NYT products.
  • Represent The New York Times at events and conferences.

Our ideal candidate:

  • Proven strong international reporting and writing experience, preferably for a global news organization.
  • Detailed understanding and knowledge of Ukrainian and Russian politics.
  • A keen eye for original themes, profiles, and features.
  • Strong newsgathering and analytical skills.
  • Good news judgment and knowledge of world affairs.
  • An understanding of the needs and behaviors of our audience, and of how to reach a broad range of readers.
  • Ability to work collegially with other correspondents.
  • Ukrainian or Russian language skills are helpful but not essential.
  • Familiarity and understanding of The New York Times’s DE&I report and initiatives both in terms of our journalism and as a leader.
  • Commitment to The New York Times’s standards and mission.

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