Summer Study Abroad Program in Budapest (UW-La Crosse)

Students will examine how the socialist period affected and continues to affect people’s ideas of tradition, culture, and national identity, through examining anthropological scholarship on the region and linking the scholarship to locally-relevant experiential learning projects.

Students will also examine the challenges of political and economic transition in the region, while visiting the sites and museums associated with the pertinent political history. Students in all classes will share experiences, such as tours of local museums, on-site hands-on activities, and a final film project developed with the help of local university students. In addition, we are planning a day trip to a historic village in order to give students a chance to see the differences in post-socialist life between urban and rural areas.


ANT/HIS312 3 Cr. – Peoples and Cultures of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union

POL 234/334 3 Cr. – Post-Communist Politics

When: June 4-24, 2018

Application Deadline:  Jan 1, 2019

Please note that this program is organized by  UW-La Crosse

With any questions please contact  Elizabeth Peacock at

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