Study where European history is happening this summer!

Listed below are challenging summer study opportunities by  the International Summer University ( ) of the University of Tartu. Since we are going through unpredicted times, where Europe is in the midst of defining its role in global politics, it may be of special interest to spend some time in the summer studying in Estonia which is close to the heart of world politics!
1.       After the Empire: the collapse of communism and beyond offered jointly with Latvia University –
2.       European Encounters: Diversity and Integration from East to West offered jointly with Utrecht University –
3.       Social Dimension: Estonian Business Environment, EU-Russian Relations and Baltic Regional Security
All these programs will take place in July 2018 and the University of Tartu awards ECTS credit points. The courses are taught by our best professors and the students will gain valuable first-hand knowledge about the contemporary and historical factors which influence the European content, primarily its politics and economics.
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