Kate Schachter

Position title: Campus Peace Corps Representative

Email: peacecorps@international.wisc.edu

Visit the UW-Madison Peace Corps page

Kate has broad experience working with the Peace Corps. She made a personal commitment to her country and the Peace Corps concept in 1961 with President Kennedy’s challenge. She finally had the opportunity to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ghana from 2004-2007. That was followed by active participation on the leadership team of the RPCVs of Wisconsin–Madison, from 2007 to the present. She also was elected as a National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) Board member and Group Leaders Forum Coordinator from 2010–2013. In 2016 she returned to volunteer service as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer in Georgia. Kate is a co-founder and Group Leader of the RPCVs for Environmental Action. She is excited to add UW Campus Recruiter as a demonstration of her ongoing commitment to the program.