SEEFA student paper awards

We would like to draw your attention to the following two student paper prizes offered by the Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Folklore Studies Association (SEEFA):

  1. The SEEFA Award for the Best Undergraduate Research Paper (an honorarium of US $50)
  2. The SEEFA Award for the Best Graduate Research Paper (an honorarium of US $100)

Winning papers will be considered for publication in SEEFA’s peer-reviewed journal, Folklorica. Eligible submissions, whether published or unpublished, must be grounded in the disciplines of folkloristics, ethnology or related fields and based on original research connected to any region of Eastern Europe, Eurasia or its diaspora. Submissions must have been written for a university course within the 12-month period preceding the submission deadline of May 31.

Submission Package:
– A copy of the paper formatted according to the Folklorica style sheet, with the author’s name removed from the paper to ensure blind adjudication
– A cover sheet including the title as well as the name of the author, instructor, course and institution for which the paper was written; indicate if the paper has been published or submitted for publications
– A short Curriculum Vitae or biographical statement
– A note from an Instructor/Supervisor endorsing the submission (this should be emailed directly by the Instructor/Supervisor separately from the rest of the package)

Application packages should be emailed as PDF documents to President of SEEFA, Dr. Mariya Lesiv,, and include “SEEFA Graduate Student Paper Prize” or “SEEFA Undergraduate Student Paper Prize” in the subject line.

Winners will be announced at the SEEFA’s annual meeting during the ASEEES convention.