Opportunity: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Professor Scott Gehlbach and Ph.D. student Dmitrii Kofanov (Political Science) seek an undergraduate student at UW-Madison to assist with a research project related to industrial development in the late Russian Empire. The candidate is expected to possess at least basic reading and typing skills in Russian.

The student will help with the creation of a database on industrial development in the late Russian Empire. The student’s primary task will be to code data from publications listing the characteristics of surveyed industrial enterprises. The focus will be on the years 1900 and 1908. The original enterprise-level data are in Russian, printed in the pre-revolutionary orthography (the Russian alphabet used during the Imperial period, before 1917). Existing familiarity with the old Russian orthography is helpful but not essential, since this skill can be acquired on the job.

The student would register for directed-study credit with Professor Gehlbach, who supervises the project. This is an excellent opportunity for undergrads who are interested in applying for graduate school and want some hands-on experience with research and a letter of recommendation from a professor.

To apply, please send an email to Dmitrii Kofanov kofanov@wisc.edu, with a message outlining your interest and qualifications.