Opportunity: ASPIRANTUM Language Courses in Armenia

ASPIRANTUM, an Armenian School of Languages and Cultures, offers intensive language courses in Persian, Armenian and Russian in Yerevan, Armenia over winter and summer terms.

In particular, this offers a unique opportunity for students interested in learning Armenian a chance to learn intensively in Armenia:

Language courses at ASPIRANTUM help participants master skills in written and oral modern Eastern Armenian as well as deepening knowledge in colloquial Armenian. Reading and interpreting Armenian texts from different periods may be included in the standard Armenian language course curriculum. Classical Armenian (Grabar) may also be offered.

The classes are accompanied by cultural tours to the most interesting historical sights of Armenia, such as Geghard, Garni, Tsaghkadzor, Saghmosavank, Ejmiatsin, Lake Sevan, etc.

Visit the Aspirantum website for more information on the Armenian language program, as well as the school’s other programs in Persian and Russian language.

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