NSA Language Analyst

A passion for foreign languages is a must for this profession. Language proficiency and understanding of nuance, context, cultural overtones, and dialect enables NSA Language Analysts to provide the most complete and accurate Signals Intelligence picture to U.S. policy makers, military commanders, and Intelligence Community members. As a Language Analyst, you will be part of a team working directly with the original written or spoken language in a dynamic environment. You will determine the relevance of the intelligence collected, research it, analyze it and put it into context. Language Analysts can spend many hours per day translating or transcribing the foreign language into English as part of their analysis. It’s a tremendous responsibility, but one which is extremely satisfying.

As a Language Analyst at NSA, you will have the opportunity to further develop your language abilities, increase your regional expertise, and cultural awareness. Your career as a Language Analyst at NSA will expand your horizons in the profession and provide you with more opportunities than those offered in a comparable career in business, commerce, or academia.
Let’s talk about your advancement potential! As a Language Analyst at NSA, you will continue to develop your language abilities and learn new skills. You may take on additional research and reporting responsibilities, apply for field assignments abroad, learn a new dialect or language, or teach at our National Cryptologic School.

Depending on your language skills and NSA’s mission needs, you may be offered a position in Maryland, Hawaii, Georgia, Texas, or Utah.

For more details and to apply, please visit their website.