Job Posting: Resident Director, Russian Overseas Flagship Program

The Russian Overseas Flagship (ROF) program, located in Almaty, Kazakhstan, assists learners of Russian to reach Superior or higher levels of proficiency. The Overseas Flagship program consists of intensive, structured language instruction; direct enrollment in relevant courses at the host institution; internships; and homestay boarding with native speakers of the target language.

The Overseas Flagship Program Resident Director serves as American Councils’ representative in Almaty in the areas of participants’ health, safety, and program logistics. He/she must be available to program participants on a daily basis, observe classes regularly, meet with administrators and students, help students attend medical appointments, arrange group travel and cultural programs, maintain the office and student lounge, coordinate with local program assistants and with AC representatives at regional offices, and perform other tasks. The Resident Director must be available to participants during any emergencies that arise and must communicate regularly with host institution representatives in Kazakhstan and American Councils staff in Washington, DC. The Resident Director attends American Councils pre-departure orientation programs in Washington, DC, travels to Kazakhstan with the student group at the beginning of the program and returns to Washington, DC with the group at the end of the program. The Resident Director reports to the ROF Program Manager in Washington, DC.

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