Job Opportunity: Editors (Eurasian Geography and Economics)

Eurasian Geography and Economics is seeking an Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor(s) to work collaboratively with the existing Editorial Team and the Publisher, Routledge, to coordinate the publication process; overseeing all editorial aspects from submission to final publication. The Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor(s) will be supported by the Editorial Board and Routledge, who will in turn co-ordinate the activities of in-house editorial, production, marketing, sales, and distribution staff.

The Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor(s) will demonstrate vision, leadership and creativity, and agree to execute the mission of the Journal through soliciting, commissioning, reviewing and developing articles and other features of the highest quality, and ensuring these are delivered to Routledge to agreed deadlines.

Applications from an Editorial Team or Co-Editors would also be considered.

For more information and to apply, visit: