Job Opportunity: Counselor at Lesnoe Ozero

Concordia Language Villages’ summer Russian immersion program for kids ages 6-18 is now hiring camp counselors for July-August 2017. Interested candidates can use this link to explore Concordia Language Villages in general, the Russian Village (Лесное озеро) in particular, and the various staff positions available.

Most of the available positions are appropriate for those with abundant energy but little or no teaching experience, as CLV provides intensive teacher training, a very thorough curriculum, and in-service support. Лесное озеро is in particular need of counselors and a business manager (no business background necessary – just strong organizational skills and aptitude for clerical tasks).

Most successful US-based applicants will be in third year Russian or beyond. In general, US-based staff members are usually either heritage speakers or L2 learners who have already spent a year in a Russian-speaking country, as this position requires a strong command of informal spoken Russian. Staff members are expected to be able to use Russian to communicate both in staff meetings and with campers in all daily life situations. This is a summer camp experience, so prospective staff should enjoy rustic living, physical exertion, and sharing responsibility for maintaining communal spaces.

Staff are hired from abroad, as CLV has a J1 camp counselor visa, and international staff are NOT required to speak English – just to be fantastic camp counselors. We are very interested in recruiting diverse staff from around the Russian-speaking world.

Please feel free to contact Russian Language Village Dean, Lara Ravitch with questions at