Job Opening: Research Position (European Research Council)

The European Research Council invites prospective candidates to join a team of five researchers on the topic of “Non-territorial autonomy elements in international minority protection in the twentieth century“

For more information, please refer to our project website

Job Description:

You will be in charge of the project’s work package that analyses continuities and breaks in the ways non-territorial autonomy has been considered in international minority protection throughout the twentieth century. Ideally, you cover the period of the interwar period and the period after WWII. Yet, applications with a focus on either period are also possible. You should collect and analyse material on transnational minority networks, like the Congress of European Nationalities or the Federal Union of European Nationalities, pertaining to the topic of non-territorial autonomy.

Furthermore, you should collect and analyse material of international organisations’ position towards non-territorial arrangements, including e.g. the League of Nations, the United Nations, the OSCE and/or the Council of Europe.


You must hold at least an MA degree (or equivalent), ideally with a scholarly background in modern, contemporary and/or legal history or in nationalism studies. You should demonstrate a strong interest in minority issues as well as in historical and comparative research questions. You need very good language skills in English and good reading skills in German and French. You should like working in teams and be familiar with the reference management software EndNote.


We offer a 12 months contract, renewable for 30 months (PhD students) or 24 months (post docs) after an interim evaluation. PhD students will receive a gross salary of approx. 30,000 € per year, corresponding to 75% (30 h) of a full position. Post-doctoral researchers will receive a gross salary of approx. 42,000 € per year, corresponding to 80% (32 hours) of a full position. The total duration of employment and the extent of part-time employment is negotiable. You will have a fully equipped work space at the Institute in Vienna. Funding for research missions and participation to international conferences will also be provided.

For more information, and to apply, please see this file.