Job: NSA Language Analyst (Fort Meade, MD)

NSA MDLAs (Multi-Disciplined Language Analysts) are hired into the Language Analysis Development Program (LADP) or, in the case of MDLAs with extensive experience in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), directly into positions supporting an analytic mission office. The LADP, which lasts up to three years, is designed to provide an intensive, accelerated opportunity to acquire the unique technical skills and experience needed to successfully apply knowledge and analytic ability to the SIGINT mission and help MDLAs achieve core analytic competencies in accordance with the Cryptologic Training System Training Standard and the MDLA competencies framework. The program includes 4-5 operational tours in a variety of offices, interspersed with formal classroom and computer-based training. These on-the-job operational tours are primarily focused on analyzing foreign language materials within the framework of the two main SIGINT disciplines of intelligence analysis – SIGINT reporting and SIGINT development.

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