Job Announcements: University of Central Asia

The University of Central Asia would like to bring the following job announcements to the attention of CESS members and the broader Central Eurasian Studies community. Please distribute through your networks to any potentially interested parties. For more information and instructions on how to apply, visit the University of Central Asia Job Opportunities

The two positions are: Dean of Graduate School of Development and Communications Manager at the Graduate School of Development. Summary information for the position is below. Full job listings available by clicking on the links.

Dean of Graduate School of Development

UCA is seeking an experienced and visionary Dean to provide academic, intellectual, and administrative leadership to its Graduate School of Development (GSD) that consists of the Institute of Public Policy and Administration, Mountain Societies Research Institute, Civil Society Initiative, Cultural Heritage and Humanities Unit, and the Aga Khan Humanities Project.

GSD’s mission is to generate and disseminate research on issues facing societies’ development in Central Asia, especially its vast mountain regions. It aims to enhance civil society actors and public authorities’ ability to search for solutions to complex problems and nurture a new generation of thought and policy leaders. The Dean should, thus, have a keen understanding of societal and environmental change in the region, especially challenges facing the low-and lower-middle income countries, and approaches for engaging critical audiences in disseminating research.

The Dean would be a recognized authority in a field relevant to understanding socio-economic and environmental issues and have a distinguished record of research that includes inquiry seeking solutions to real-world problems. The Dean would be a successful fundraiser, leading major research initiatives and having a strong international network. The candidate should have experience designing and teaching post-graduate programmes and demonstrate a keen appreciation for interdisciplinary approaches.

Communications Manager at Graduate School of Development

The University of Central Asia seeks to fill a full-time position of Communications Manager at the Graduate School of School of Development. GSD is the home for multidisciplinary research on Central Asia’s social, economic and cultural development, and is comprised of five entities, each of which has achieved a significant presence in the Central Asian knowledge landscape. With over 150 easily accessible publications on its website, GSD is a singular storehouse of information.