Fulbright Week 2024 (March 4 – 8)

Join us on Thursday morning to meet staff from Fulbright commissions and posts representing Austria, Belgium/Luxembourg/EU, Estonia, and Taiwan to learn about the opportunities available to US students, faculty, staff, and alumni through the various Fulbright & Fulbright-Hays programs as well as get insight into how commissions work in-country and with awardees. Each country will present an overview of awards and the awarding process; there will be time reserved for Q&As as well.

Coffee with the Fulbright Commissions and Posts

Thursday, March 7, 2024, 8-9amOnline – advance registration is required

Those interested in the broad range of opportunities available through both the Fulbright US Student Program and the Fulbright Scholar Program are encouraged to attend – and should provide an unparalleled insight into how Fulbright works in countries around the world, regardless of which particular award you will be pursuing!

For more information about UW-Madison’s Fullbright Week, click here.