Fulbright Scholar Program Opportunities in the REECA Region

The Fulbright Scholar Program (FSP) is currently promoting a number of award opportunities for U.S. faculty, administrators, and professionals to lecture and conduct research in a wide variety of academic and professional settings in Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia.

Please note that FSP is distinct from the Fulbright US Student Program and that there is no campus application component, but there is campus support for those considering submitting an application. Follow this link to learn more.

Awards currently available are the following:

Postdoctoral Research Award- Czech Republic

All Disciplines Research/Teaching- Czech Republic

All Disciplines Research/Teaching- Ukraine

All Disciplines Research/Teaching- Poland

All Disciplines Research/Teaching- Belarus

All Disciplines Teaching or Research/Teaching-Hungary

All Disciplines Teaching/Research- Moldova

All Disciplines Research or Teaching- Russia

Community College Faculty Award Teaching- Russia

All Disciplines Teaching or Research/Teaching- Slovak Republic