Climate Optimism Virtual Workshop (June 28)

K-12 and community college educators are invited to join the Wisconsin International Resource Consortium’s virtual workshop Climate Optimism – Finding Creative Solutions and Making Positive Impacts.

Scheduled for 9 am-4 pm Saturday, June 28, the workshop will present new ideas for teaching related to climate change to enable more optimistic approaches in the classroom and mitigate the phenomena of doomscrolling and “climate despair.” Featured speakers — including the Nobel Peace Prize-nominated founder of a humanitarian organization planning for regenerative agriculture in postwar Ukraine — will bring international, regional, and local expertise to our exchange to provide attendees with practical classroom activities, tangible examples of success, and suggestions for incorporating climate optimism outside of the science classroom.

Registered attendees will receive a mailing with books and other materials. A registration fee of $10 is requested to cover shipping costs.

For more information and to register, click here.