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War Against Ukraine: Informational Resources and Charitable Organizations

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UW faculty offer expertise on Putin's war against Ukraine in media and outreach

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CREECA's Statement on Russia's War against Ukraine

The Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia (CREECA) condemns Russia’s unprovoked, unjustified, and inhumane invasion of Ukraine.  There is no justification for Russia to conduct military actions in Ukraine, and all purported rationales for this onslaught on a peaceful and democratic country that poses no threat to Russia are falsifications and distortions of reality and of history. The Putin regime must immediately stop all hostilities and withdraw its troops.  The world must unify to stop this purposeless aggression, which is producing untold misery, death, and destruction. We echo the sentiments expressed by former UW System President Tommy Thompson in his statement of March 1: our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine as they fight against Vladimir Putin’s invasion of their homeland. Unprovoked attacks on another country’s sovereignty violate basic human norms, as well as the core values espoused by universities such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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Our Mission

CREECA’s mission is to support research, teaching, and outreach on Russia, Eastern and Central Europe, and Central Asia. CREECA approaches this three-part mission by promoting faculty research across a range of disciplines; by supporting graduate and undergraduate teaching and training related to the region; and by serving as a community resource through outreach activities targeted to K-12 teachers and students, other institutions of higher education, and the general public.