2023 Ecological Service Trip – World Aral Region Charity

The World Aral Region Charity’s mission is to provide ecological, economic, and cultural aid to the Aral Sea region specifically, and to Eurasia more broadly, through the support of local initiatives. The Charity also aims to foster international cooperation to ecological issues by engaging youth volunteers from Central Asia and all over the world. The charity was registered as a 501(c)3 in October 2016.

The Aral Region has been affected by saline drinking water, toxic soil, malnutrition, and high incidence of diseases like anemia, larynx cancer and bronchitis. This project will provide a source of nutrition, rekindle the local ecosystem, and promote self-advocacy within the local community.


The Ecological Service Trip aims to put college students from leading US and Uzbekistani universities in dialogue with rural high-schoolers who lack the same opportunities for education. You will craft a series of interactive lessons that you will teach over a week to a village classroom in the Aral Region. You will discuss ecological advocacy, potential solutions for the Aral Crisis and differences between water attitudes in Tashkent, New York and Karakalpakstan. At the conclusion of your stay, you will mentor the high schoolers in creating their own ecological project, showing them how they can build innovative solutions for local challenges from the ground up. Then, you will help install a reverse osmosis filter with WARC, to provide clean water to the school.

Active participation in these meaningful environmental projects will encourage close interaction between two groups which would ordinarily not have come into contact, helping you build understanding by solving a common challenge.

In addition, you will present your field of expertise at a high-level meeting with UNDP officials and Uzbekistani parliamentarians, and you will have a chance to travel the Silk Road, studying its historical relationship to water resources.

How can we foster societies that are long-run sustainable in relation to our water resources?


Through active participation in meaningful environmental projects with members of a different culture, build a deeper understanding of ecological activism, and how it may apply to your field of study.


  • Lead an interactive lesson on your field of study for rural high-schoolers
  • Develop and monitor an $100 mini-project with the high-schoolers
  • Help install a 100 L/hour reverse osmosis filter, with a sustainable payment plan
  • Learn about the challenges faced by residents of the Aral Sea Region and discover the history and cultures of the Silk Road in Uzbekistan

-Have a background in ecological activism
-Are independent, adaptable and are able to work in harsh environmental conditions
-Interested in working with children
-Have experience with projects abroad
-Knowledge of Russian and Uzbek NOT required
-Are available to fully commit to the project May 14 – 30

Apply by 11:59 PM EST January 30, 2023.