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Russian House

Русский дом (Ruskii Dom) is a language floor in the International Learning Community for students with an interest in Russian language and culture. Residents gather at meals, cook Russian food, go to concerts of Russian music, visit the local Russian food store, watch Russian films, and chat in the hallways about daily life. Students of all levels of Russian are welcome.

Serbian Club

The purpose of this Serbian Club is to provide a channel of communication between UW students, faculty, and staff of Serbian background, as well as anyone simply interested in Serbian culture and tradition. This club seeks to introduce the UW-Madison community to Serbian history, language and food, while promoting respect and mutual understanding in the multicultural environment of the University.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is for students who are Orthodox Christians or are interested in learning more about the Orthodox Faith. Our mission is to support and unite all Orthodox students by fostering events, education and discussion about the Orthodox Church. Our group includes members from all cultural backgrounds of the Faith: Russian, Greek, Slav, Middle Eastern, and more.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship on Facebook.

Russian Folk Orchestra 

The Russian Folk Orchestra of the University of Wisconsin-Madison brings together students, faculty and staff, and community members who share a love of Russian and East European traditional music. The orchestra largely consists of two groups of authentic Russian stringed instruments: domras and balalaikas. All of them have three strings but are tuned differently. Domras are oval shape instruments and come in 4 sizes: piccolo, prima, alto, and bass; balalaikas are triangular shape instruments and come in 5 sizes: prima, secunda, alto, bass, and contrabass. The orchestra also uses two accordions, a flute, an oboe, and various percussion instruments. The repertoire consists mainly of Russian and other Slavic folk songs, dances, ballads, etc. The orchestra also plays music of Russian classical composers, such as Tchaikovsky. Occasionally, selections of Western music are introduced. Currently, the orchestra rehearses once a week in room 1418 Van Hise Hall on the UW-Madison Campus. There are currently 23 members of the orchestra.

Contact: Victor Gorodinsky

Muslim Students Association

MSA seeks to enhance Muslim students’ involvement and participation in Islamic activities on-campus or in the community and to increase awareness and better understanding of the Islamic faith at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Contact: Rashid Dar

Madison Association of Turkish Students 

The Madison Association of Turkish Students (MATS) is a non- profit student organization aiming to create awareness about The Republic of Turkey and The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on the UW-Madison campus and in the Madison area. MATS exists to contribute to the cultural diversity of the UW-Madison campus, by introducing Turkish culture to UW students as well as fostering interaction between the members of the Turkish community at UW-Madison and their relations with students from all countries represented on campus. The association is fully committed to the principles of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and democratic ideals.

Contact: Seymanur Celik


The Kruzhok (lit. “circle,” study group, interest group) is an informal gathering of graduate students, professors, and other researchers working in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies. Organized through the Department of History, the kruzhok is open to students and scholars from all disciplines. Participants read and discuss works in progress (theses, chapters, articles) and provide feedback to the authors. The kruzhok typically meets on Friday afternoons.

Contact: Piotr Puchalski

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