University of Wisconsin–Madison

CREECA Associates

CREECA Associates

CREECA associates at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are:

  • Faculty members whose scholarly interests and activities intersect with those of CREECA, but who do not have a primary research and/or teaching interest in the region.
  • Academic and University staff members whose interests and activities intersect with those of CREECA, including:
    • Non-instructional academic staff with an interest in the region;
    • University staff with an interest in the region;
    • Emeritus professors with an interest in the region;
    • Honorary fellows who are granted renewable zero-dollar appointments in CREECA;
    • Honorary fellows with an interest in the region who are granted zero-dollar appointments in other departments.

CREECA associates are invited to take part in the life of the center, but generally have less regular participation in CREECA’s mission of teaching, research, and outreach on the region.

Elise Ahn
Project Manager for the UW-Madison Partnership with Nazarbayev University
A. Deniz Balgamis
Associate Director, Center for Turkish Studies
Bradford Barham
Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics
Technological change, international agricultural development, Latin America
Amos Bitzan
Assistant Professor of History
History of the Jews in the modern and early modern periods, the history of Jewish thought, antisemitism and anti-Judaism, and the history of Zionism and the State of Israel.
Saltanat Childress
Research Fellow at the Center for Demography and Ecology
Violence against women and children, human rights issues; gender, globalization, and transnational feminism; migration; social work knowledge and theory, culturally competent social work practice, human behavior in the social environment, qualitative research methods, intervention research, international social work; social determinants of health
Felix Elwert
Professor of Sociology
Contextual drivers of inequality, including neighborhood, network, and family effects, demography of inequality
Myra Marx Ferree
Professor of Sociology, GWS
Gender, political sociology, comparative-historical sociology, social movements and collective behavior, family, culture, methods and statistics
Michael Fleming
Professor of Family Medicine
Alcohol trials with college students and in post-partum women, a ritalin trial in children with ADHD and FASD, biomarker study in patients admitted for trauma, a naturalistic prospective study of patients receiving opioid therapy for chronic pain
Anna Gade
Associate Professor at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Global cultural, historical and religious responses to environmental change, specializing in history, knowledge and practices of Southeast Asia
Markus Gangl
Professor of Sociology
Analysis of labor markets, economic inequality and intergenerational mobility
Milan Hauner
Honorary Fellow in Department of History
Nancy Heingartner
Assistant Director for Outreach for IRIS
Wendy Johnson
Assistant Director, Language Institute
Coordinates outreach programs centered around learning languages, especially among K-12 students, in the state of Wisconsin. 
Susana Lastarria-Cornhiel
Senior Lecturer of Economics
Gender and land rights, particularly the impact of land rights on women’s status, economic opportunities, and well being
Virginia Martin
Project Coordinator, UW-Madison Partnership with Nazarbayev University
Dianna Murphy
Associate Director, Language Institute
Postsecondary foreign language teaching and learning, student perspectives on language learning, preparing and mentoring postsecondary instructors of less commonly taught languages, long-term impact of study abroad on the global engagement of alumni
Boriana Nikolova
Associate Lecturer of Political Science
Mutlu Özdoğan
Assistant Professor of Forest & Wildlife Ecology
Environmental impacts of land-use/land-cover and climate change with particular attention to the hydrologic and carbon cycles
Anna Paretskaya
Lecturer of Sociology
Political and economic liberalizations in Europe and Eurasia in the late twentieth century, comparative-historical Sociology
Thomas Popkewitz
Professor at School of Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Educational policy and research related to pedagogy and teacher education
Karen Rosneck
Library Services Assistant at Memorial Library
Boaventura Santos
Honorary Fellow, Law School
Law and globalization, legal pluralism, multiculturalism, and human rights
Donald Schramm
Faculty Associate in Engineering Professional Development
Disaster Management Training 
Nadav Shelef
Associate Professor of Political Science
Armed conflict, identity, Israel, Middle East, nationalism, regulation, religion and politics, sovereignty movements, territory
Heather Sonntag
Associate Lecturer, International Division
Olga Trubetskoy
Professor Consulate, UW Pharmacy School
Gwen Walker
Acquisitions Editor, UW Press
Laura Marshall
Coordinator, Russian Flagship Program
Lisa Woodson
Honorary Fellow of CREECA/Slavic Languages and Literature
Russian legend of the hidden city of Kitezh and its changing representations over time in Russian literature
Erik Wright
Professor of Sociology
Class analysis and historical change, economic sociology, gender, general social theory, political sociology
Ruth Rand
Post Doctoral Fellow
Department of History and Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

CREECA Faculty Emeriti

Name Department Email
Raymond Anderson Journalism
Sarah Atis Languages and Cultures of Asia
James Bailey Slavic Languages and Literature
David Bethea Slavic Languages and Literature
Marianne Bloch Curriculum & Instruction, Women’s Studies
Dean Bowles Education Leadership and Policy Analysis
Barbara Buenger Art History
Melvin Croan Political Science
Alexander Dolinin German, Nordic, Slavic
John Doyle Department of Surgery
Joseph Elder Sociology
Edgar Feige Economics
Kemal Karpat History
Vance I. Kepley Communication Arts
Anatoly Khazanov Anthropology
Judith Kornblatt Slavic Languages and Literature
Galina Lapina German, Nordic, Slavic
Harlan Marquess Slavic Languages and Literature
David Morgan History
Gary Rosenshield Slavic Languages and Literature
Uli Schamiloglu Central Asian Languages and Cultures
John Witte Lafollette School of Public Affairs

All CREECA faculty and academic staff and CREECA associates are eligible to apply for CREECA conference travel awards.

A UW-Madison faculty or staff member who wishes to join the center as a CREECA faculty and academic staff member or CREECA associate should submit a letter stating the nature of her/his interest and a current curriculum vitae to the CREECA associate director, Jennifer Tishler. Requests will be considered by the CREECA Administrative Council.