University of Wisconsin–Madison


M.A. Degree
The two-year M.A. program offers students an advanced degree in REECAS area studies

Ph.D. Minor
The Ph.D. Minor option is perfect for Ph.D. candidates in other departments and disciplines who want to focus on the REECAS region as a secondary field of study

Graduate Certificate
The Graduate Certificate allows Ph.D. candidates in other fields to gain additional specialization and qualification in REECAS area studies.

Why Study in Wisconsin?

  • Aerial view of Madison from Lake Mendota
    Aerial view of Madison, Wisconsin (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

    CREECA is among the top five Eurasia centers in the U.S. for faculty research, graduate teaching, and professional outreach related to Russia, East and Central Europe, and Eurasia.

  • We have more Eurasia-related faculty than any other university in the U.S
  • Wide range of courses related to Russia, East and Central Europe, and Eurasia across a wide range of disciplines
  • Award-winning, international leader for language training in several Eurasian languages
  • Extensive networking opportunities with alumni, area specialists, and students through the CREECA lecture series and other events
  • One of only four Russian Flagship Programs in the US, meaning increased Russian language course offerings, extracurricular activities, and assessment programs
  • We sponsor several summer language institutes including CESSI and APTLII, as well as intensive summer Russian courses