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Below is a list of new or revised courses being offered in spring 2018 which may be of interest to students in REECAS. More classes will be added over the next few weeks, so check back soon!

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Geo/Hist/Polisci/Slavic 254 - The Culture of Dissent in Czechoslovakia and Poland (1960-1980)

Professor David Danaher
TR 2:30-3:45 (Discussion Wednesday)
4 Credits

Course catalog link coming soon!

This course will look at the dissident period in Czechoslovakia and Poland primarily through the lens of literature and film. One focus will be the “faces of dissent”— the stories of individuals involved in these movements. We will learn to view the pre-1989 culture of dissent not so much as an object of historical investigation, but as something relevant to our own lives that teaches us about ourselves.

This survey course is sponsored by CREECA and will feature guest speakers from UW-Madison and other universities.

Level: Elementary
Fulfills: REECAS Group I (Interdisciplinary Survey)
Pre-Requisites: none

Slavic 254 Poster

Slavic 699 (Directed Study) - Dissent and Modern Identity: Václav Havel's Protest

Professors David Danaher & Manon van de Water
Meeting schedule to be arranged
2 Credits

Course catalog link coming soon!

What can an absurdist playwright and so-called dissident from late 20th-century Czechoslovakia teach 21st-century Americans about dissent and political power? What is the relationship between dissidentism and personal/collective identity in modern society? This directed study provides (partial) answers to these questions by engaging in a critical reading, and ultimately a dramatic presentation, of one of Václav Havel’s plays from 1978.

The culmination of the course will be a dramatic reading of excerpts from the play (and other related works) to take place in a public forum at the end of the semester (date/location TBA).

More information: Slavic 699 Description

Protest by Vaclav Havel cover image

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