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New course offering in fall 2016: Slavic Drama in Context: Evgenii Shvarts “The Dragon”

SLAVIC/THEATRE 423 Slavic Drama in Context: “Evgenii Shvarts The Dragon”




A participatory and experiential course that culminates in a fully realized production of The Dragon (performed in English) by Evgenii Shvarts. All enrolled students will be key company members, taking on various production roles based on interest, experience and needs. Opportunities may include, but are not limited to: acting, stage managing, design (lighting, scenic, costume or properties,) music direction, dramaturgy and choreography. Additional opportunities include developing educational materials, activities and experiences for young people as part of performances for family audiences and school groups. Written in the early 1940's and set in a fairy tale world, The Dragon is an allegorical play about the dangers of totalitarianism and its legacy.


By consent Instructor only: contact mvandewa@wisc.edu


Course carries 3 credits. Rehearsals weeknights 6-9 pm, weekends TBA September 6-October 21. Performances in Frederic March Play Circle October 25-30. Frank Lloyd Wright Hillside Theatre at Taliesin November 1-7.


This is an Ensemble Experience; every member of the class has to be fully involved.



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